Repair bags

For repair purposes you use repairbags. The bags we make are in 1 size ( 240 x 120mm ) and are perforated in the middle. You give 1 slip to your client, and 1 you keep for yourself.

We also have a version which has 3 slips ( also 1 for the repairer ). The reason for 3 slips is that is is more save ( you, your client, and the repairer ) have a slip. And secondly the repairer doesn’t have to know how much you make on the reparation.


All repairbags are sequential numbered ( 1000, 1001, etc. )


  • Paper: white
  • Printing color: standard black or other 1 colour
  • Production time: 10 days
  • Price: starts at: € 0,30 p/s