Professional Photography

We found one of the best photographers from Holland, Lennen Oldenbeuving. His true passion for the perfect shot and experience with multiple lenses make his photos really stand out.


Lennen is in Antwerp every single month for 2 days to make photo’s of jewelry shops.

We offer 4 professional photos for a onetime investment of € 299. You will get 2 photos from outside your shop and 2 from inside your shop. It’s not only the photo’s itself, we also make them perfect in Photoshop.


The photo’s are royalty-free, which means you can use them for anything. For example your website, for your diamond explanation brochures, on social media like Instagram, or Tripadvisor.


Below you can see some of the professional shots we delivered. You see that with a special lense we can make a small shop look really impressive big.


Let us know if you want to be on the list for the next time photoshoots are taken.

DiamondJosh Hosting

Below some of the professional photos we have taken.