Luxury Bags

What product finishes the sale of a nice piece of jewelry? Off course besides a nice box, you should give the client a nice bag as well. It shows your professionalism, its nice for the client to get it, and you make some advertisement on the streets as well.

Our bags are made from paper, custom made in different sizes. Most of the time we match the design of the bag with that from the certificate and business cards so its 1 recognizable style you use.

There are options for you bags like:

  • Matt of shiny lamination
  • Shiny parts on matt lamination
  • Metallic foil in Gold or Silver
  • 3D embossing effect
  • Inside printing
  • Inside bottom printing
  • Golden or Silver roperings

Prices start at: € 1500 up to € 4000

DiamondJosh Hosting